How Mentorship Can Benefit YOU!

Power On Heels Fund, Inc is proud to introduce our POWER Mentorship program as a useful solution that can help our members with career development. We believe that by offering an effective mentorship program, we are showing you how much we care about your professional growth. Most importantly, we want to help you improve your financial future. During POWER Mentorship, we will pair up individuals that will help build emotional intelligence, financial mastery, and leadership skills that will allow Latinas like you to obtain those higher positions POWERFULLY.

Women have been making a name for themselves in organizations all over the world. They are taking their career goals to the next level and claiming positions they have worked very hard for. Despite this, many top positions within organizations are still held by men. In spite of this, some women are shattering the glass ceiling, while others are still struggling to breakthrough. Between work-life balance, office politics, and job loss, there are numerous challenges Latinas in the workplace. However, there is a solution to help Latinas get into more leadership roles – mentorship.

Who can participate in POWER Mentorship?

All current Power On Heels Fund members at all levels.

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If you are not a member, you can join today!

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Here Is How To Sign Up for POWER Mentorship!

Take FULL ADVANTAGE of this program. Can you see the tremendous value of being part of the

POWER Mentorship program as a MENTEE or MENTOR? Don’t wait!

Complete the Power Mentorship Questionnaire (only available during the registration period) and you will be matched with a Power Mentor/Mentee. Mentees will be matched with Power Mentors for a period of 6 months to receive guidance, meet goals and develop in the following areas: Personal Finance, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership. These meetings could be done in person (always remembering to be safe and adhere to the CDC protocols) and or virtual.