“I recognize that individual growth is affected not only by individual knowledge and actions, but also by the people we are surrounded with.” Ivette Mayo

POHF will schedule (4) four events for 2020.We know that community engagement is the heart of change. These interactions lead to shared resources, unified investments, and continued commitment to solutions and outcomes.

  • Connect – Meet like-minded Latinas and discover a new mentor, business partner, advisor, or a new employee
  • Engage – Gain access to a wide range of solutions for challenges that are impacting your professional growth, business and daily life by developing meaningful connections.
  • Learn – Acquire fundamental and advanced skills to achieve your future goals.

Four (4) POWER On Heels Events:

March Latina Activate
July TBA
October TBA
December TBA

These EVENTS are marketed and promoted to our vast network.

  • POWER On Heels Network – Its membership base is currently at 2400 members.
  • Community Partners – Mujeres De HACE, Prospanica Houston, NHPO, HCC, and Houston Latina Bloggers
  • Corporate Employee Identity Groups

There are no upcoming Events at this time.