POWER On Heels Fund, Inc. – Virtual Conference COVID-19 Financial Summit


POWER On Heels Fund, Inc, a 501(c) (3) non- profit organization.

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Our Virtual Conference is filled with industry experts and change agents sharing information to help you create smart financial strategies

Along with all the stresses we are all feeling during the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re also worried about how the COVID-19 shutdown will continue to affect our nation’s economy, the job market and our future. While there are many things outside of our control, there are ways we can weather this storm with confidence, wisdom, peace, strength, and POWER! No matter what we face, we are all called to be wise stewards of our finances. That means making rational, well-thought out decisions not based on fear. The headlines should not drive your financial decisions. Following reliable information and sound fact based advice will go a long way in helping you achieve your financial goals.

Your Financial Mastery is about how you live and lead! – Ivette Mayo

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  • 3 Panels – Filled With Industry Experts All on 1 Day!

Funds from this event are for the POWER On Heels Scholarship Fund.

For more information about our scholarships, please visit our website: https://bit.ly/3cKvLqD

Donation: $15 will reserve your spot! (No Refunds)

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If you like to attend the powerful day do not have the ability to cover the cost of registration, please send an email to info@poweronheelsfund.org

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