POWER On Heels Fund, Inc℠ is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization focused on the advancement of LATINAS by helping to decrease the impact that GENDER PAY GAP has on their earning potential. By supporting Latinas in their professional and economic growth, we are able to assist Latinas to increase earning potential, accelerate career advancement and cultivate future leaders. Through our specialized programs, mentorship, and scholarships, Power on Heels Fund, Inc. influences the Latinas of all ages, industries and background. From now to 2025, our goal is to impact the lives of 10,000 Latinas locally, regionally and nationwide.

Inspiring and SUPPORTING Latinas to lead in their communities, corporations, and businesses.

Building financial mastery to REDUCE the wealth gap in our community!

Facilitating programs that minimize the social inequities of LATINA PAY GAP

Driving the ADVANCEMENT of Latinas in the workplace!

Cultivating future Latina LEADERS through our youth programs!

Assisting Latinas in becoming their own best ADVOCATE!

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Power On Heels Fund, Inc.’s programs key aim of improving the social and economic empowerment of Latina professionals, business owners and students to embrace and adopt healthier attitudes and behaviors to enhance individual growth, increase financial mastery, optimize talents, and strengthen leaders.  Most importantly, minimize the impact of the social inequity that affects the future of Latinas the most – Latina Pay Gap.

At POWER On Heels Fund, Inc., we view women’s empowerment through the lens of Latinas whose growth has been challenged by social biases, cultural beliefs and institutional processes.