We know that community engagement is at the heart of change. These interactions lead to shared resources, unified investments, and continued commitment to solutions and successful outcomes.​

Three events are hosted every year to ensure Latina business owners, professionals, and students can apply for our annual scholarships.

Each session covers three key areas – Emotional Intelligence, Personal Leadership, and Financial Mastery.

This one-day training is required for application and consideration for​ the Power On Heels Fund Inc. scholarships.

Throughout 2024, Power On Heels Fund Inc. will conduct events focused on personal and business development, building leadership skills and acquiring greater financial literacy.

All our educational content is geared toward Latina professionals with a special emphasis on providing tools, resources and techniques for serving throughout our Latina community.​

We are always excited to host our Annual Power On Heels Luncheon and Scholarship Awards on November 12th, 2024 at the Junior League.​

Our conference is designed to celebrate the powerful Latinas leaders that continue to crush barriers and are driving change across industries and the world!

We are always excited to host our Annual Power On Heels Luncheon and Scholarship Awards. In 2024, we are planning an in-person event.

Power On Heels Fund Inc. desires to foster growth and provide resources for learning and collaboration among professionals seeking the skills to further develop their careers.

These 8 segments will be combining experiential wisdom, expert guidance, and a community of peers to best serve, create, and develop confident leaders among Latinas. ​

This program is designed for Latina early startups to provide accesses to insight, resources, processes, and opportunity to create successful businesses (6 weeks).

Covering topics as Initial Startup Steps, Securing the Right Business Formation, Business Finance, Branding, and Business Plan. ​

Latina Power Purse Program™ ​

This one-day training is required for application and consideration for​ the Power On Heels Fund Inc. scholarships.​

The Latina Power Purse Program™ is structured to enhance and enrich skills, expand opportunities, and advance careers.

It will cover three key areas focused on having impact on individual and organizational growth:

Key Area 1 – Emotional Intelligence​

Emotional intelligence or EQ is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you. ​

Key Area 2 – Leadership​

This session will focus on the link between perceptions, innovation and leadership. We explore leadership best practices and exchange ideas and new strategies for creating environments that fosters growth, to act with confidence, and to lead with lasting impact.​

Key Area 3 – Financial Mastery​

The lack of financial resources can no longer impede our ability to succeed. By developing a greater understanding of finances, by creating a comprehensive financial plan for the future we can change lives. Training provided Financial Partner.​

Have any questions?

Please send our team an email at info@poweronheelsfund.com

Who Should Register?

  • Latina College Students (Undergrad)​
  • MBA and Doctorial Students​
  • Latina Corporate Professionals (Certifications, Professional Training)​
  • Latina Business Owners ​

Since 2019, over 500 Latinas have attended and completed the ​Latina Power Purse Program™ ​.​
We have awarded $66,000 in scholarships.

Power Purse Training is closed for 2024.
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Why did we start the Latina Power Institute?

Power On Heels Fund Inc. through the Latina Power Institute wants to empower Latinas to set ambitious goals, lead more purposefully, to become business and community leaders. Most of all, to have each one see their value and achieve fair pay for their efforts.

We know Latinas are often the first in their families to pursue upward mobility. They may lack role models and mentors to help them prepare to navigate higher education, careers, and business growth.

Power On Heels Fund Inc. desires to be the place they can find these resources to thrive! All our programs are centered on building emotional intelligence, strong leadership skills, and financial mastery

Latina Power Institute currently consists of four programs:

  • Latinas Building Wealth Series – 4 Sessions
  • Latinas Business Mentor Circles – 1 Session
  • Elevate The Powerful Leader within – 1 Session
  • The Confident Latina Leader – 1 Session

The Latinas Building Wealth Series

This event ‘s goal is to create greater financial literary among Latinas by providing greater awareness on how to build wealth in their lifetime and for the next generation.

Topics in this series will cover teaching and encouraging saving and investing, entrepreneurship, and preparing for retirement and homeownership.

We want to be able to better equip Latinas to make better decisions about their financials future now! ​

Four Areas Covered: ​

  • Starting a Viable Business
  • Credit vs Debt​
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Homeownership​

This one day will be comprise of critical topics facilitated by one of our Financial Literacy Partners on building a business and building personal wealth. ​

Materials covered by a financial expert for the selected topics. ​

Duration: 4 hours​

Elevate The Powerful Leader Within

It is time to expand your circle of influence and gain tools and skills to make a positive impact on your team, organization, and community. Uncover how to become a more powerful, impactful and effective leader during this Power On Heels Fund’s Leadership Program, designed by and for Latinas.​

What to Expect ​

  • Transformational Leadership Skills​
  • Leadership Action Plan To Support Your Goal ​
  • Inspiring Others To See Your Vision​
  • How To Influence Others​
  • Advocate For Change​

Who Should Attend​

Latinas who desire to elevate their leadership roles and those who support them. Relevant to corporate, non-profit, and government leaders.​

Our Agenda​

  • Module One: Defining Leadership​
  • Module Two: Situational Leadership​
  • Module Three: A Personal Inventory​
  • Module Four: Determining Your Way and sharing your Vision
  • Module Five: Challenging the Process
  • Module Six: Enabling Others to Act

Latinas Business Mentor Circles

This interactive event is designed to increase the success of today’s Latina business owners and start-ups.

This program provides an opportunity for participants to obtain “real-world” advice and guidance on securing funding, creating multiple revenue streams, to securing valuable business certifications from business experts.

This event offers an opportunity to network up close with our business experts. ​

Our Agenda​

  • 3 Panels of Business Experts, Banking Professionals, and Successful Entrepreneurs​
  • 2 Interactive Mentoring Circles – Imagine speed networking with the day’s experts​

The Confident Latina Leader

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is highly important in today’s fast-paced marketplace and in every workplace. EQ can hold the key to your career advancement. Building confidence starts in knowing more about your emotions and what triggers them is part of every leader’s journey.

During this workshop, we will assist participants to considered learning more about being in touch with one’s emotions, guide them through ideas and techniques for improving every social interaction. ​

Areas Covered in ‘The Confident Latina Leader’:

  • The Benefits of Understanding EQ​
  • Building Powerful Social Skill​
  • Reducing Anxiety and Stress​
  • Conflict Resolution​
  • Relationship Management​
  • Overcoming Obstacles at Work