How Mentorship Can Benefit YOU!

Power On Heels Fund Inc. is proud to introduce our Power Mentorship program as a useful solution that can help with your career development.  We believe that by offering an effective mentorship program we care about your professional growth and can help build you up for greater success. Power Mentorship will pair up individuals that will facilitate building emotional intelligence, financial mastery, and leadership skills that will allow women to step towards higher positions POWERFULLY.

Women have been making a name for themselves in organizations all over the world. They are taking their career goals to the next level and claiming positions they have worked very hard for. Despite this, many top positions within organizations are still held by men. Because of this, some women are shattering the mold, while others are still struggling to breakthrough. Between work-life balance and office politics, there are numerous challenges women can face in the workplace. However, there is a solution to help women get into more leadership roles – mentorship.

Here are 4 ways mentoring can benefit YOU!

1. Change Perceptions

When given the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program, women are better able to move forward in their careers. Mentoring can change the perception many women develop when their leaders do not recognize their talent. Some women then struggle with fitting in and fail to see equitable opportunities for advancement. 

2. Stay Accountable for Goal Achievement

Occasionally, women will set career development goals and not hold themselves accountable. While this is a common problem for any individual, women can be more affected because of other challenges they face. Being part of a mentoring relationship can help to hold women accountable to their personal goals. It helps make career development easier and more achievable. The mentor can help women set goals and track their progress.

3. Build a Solid Network

Having a mentor can give women access to professional networks that may not have been available to them before. A mentor can introduce them to others in their profession and generally make them more visible throughout an organization. The benefits of higher visibility will continue throughout the career path.

4. Gain Confidence

It is important for women leaders to be confident in their skills and abilities. Having a mentor provides a gateway to increased confidence through improved skills and developed leadership competencies.

As a mentee, you will gain confidence. You will be more likely to own your career development paths. You will begin to push yourself  to achieve these goals and move up the corporate ladder with ease!

Published On: May 11, 2021